Tire Services, Greer, SC

Balancing your tires ensures you get the most miles, coupled with a smooth ride.

At Corporate Tire, we believe you should be able to both have quality tires on your vehicles and save money on your bottom line. Whether you have a few work vehicles that you use daily in Greer, South Carolina or you have a multi-truck fleet, our tire services provide you with the best results.
Tire Services in Greer, South Carolina

  • Retreading – We buy salvageable tires and re-tread them to provide an environmentally conscious effort to reduce tire waste. Our retreading services allow us to sell you tires that are more affordable.
  • Repair – Do you have tires that are in decent shape, but just need a repair before they get back out on the road? We can provide the tire services required to repair your damaged tires and make them useful again.
  • Installation – Let us install your tires so you enjoy maximum benefit as you get out on the road. We can outfit one or more of your company vehicles.

At Corporate Tire, we also offer tire balancing using our Hunter Road Force HD Tire Balancer. We have the ability to balance tires as small as 13′ up to 24′ rim sizes. 445/50R22.5 super singles and 425s are also welcome. Balancing your tires ensures you get the most miles, coupled with a smooth ride. Our balancer also identifies off-balance or bent rims that can cause shaking and premature tire failure.

Finally, our tire services include roadside assistance when a company vehicle is stuck due to a tire problem. Just give us a call, and we’ll come out to help you address your tire concerns.

You’ll find all the tire services you need with us at Corporate Tire. We look forward to serving you.