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Corporate Tire

Where the rubber meets the road… again

If your company utilizes one or more corporate vehicles, you may
be looking for ways to improve your bottom line without sacrificing
the quality of your vehicle’s tires.

At Corporate Tire, we set ourselves apart from other tires
companies not just in the quality of the tires we provide,
but also in the way we conduct business.

Sell Tires

Sell Tires

Because we deal with refurbished, new retreads and new tires, we can customize a program according to your company’s needs.
Corporate Tire

Buy Tires

When you buy tires from us, you’ll know you’re getting the highest-quality certified tire possible.
Corporate Tire

Tire Services

Our tire services include roadside assistance when you find a company vehicle is stuck due to a tire problem.

Welcome to Corporate Tire

Our internal quality control is based on how we provide tire services to our customers and not on the number of tires we sell you throughout the course of the year. That means you can enjoy aggressive pricing on the tires you choose and receive personalized attention from us when you have questions about how to maintain your fleet for the long haul.

One of the many ways we provide great services is by employing our own team of educated and experienced truck tire professionals. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we know how to recommend the tires that make the most sense for your fleet and your budget. We’ll also work with you to create a fleet maintenance program that maximizes your vehicle potential without the high price tag.

Our tire services are designed to provide you with great truck tires at excellent prices.

Sell Tires

When you sell tires to us, we can often refurbish, retread, or recycle the materials so that both physical and financial resources are managed well.

Fleet Maintenance

We are confident that we can save you money towards your bottom line with our fleet maintenance services.

Tire Services

Finally, our tire services include roadside assistance when a company vehicle is stuck due to a tire problem. Just give us a call, and we’ll come out to help you address your tire concerns.

Roadside Assistance

When you need roadside assistance for a company vehicle, make Corporate Tire your go-to company for the job.

About Corporate Tire

  • Over 30 years of combined experience in the commercial truck tire business
  • Highly educated and conduct ourselves accordingly
  • Personalized attention to every customers needs whether you have 1 truck or 1000 trucks
  • Internal quality control goaled, not volume goaled

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Our comprehensive tire services extend beyond buying and selling tires to include fleet maintenance and roadside assistance. Just let us know how we can help you keep your vehicles on the road safely and efficiently all year long.

Contact us at Corporate Tire today for more information about our truck tires and our complete list of tire services. We look forward to serving you!




Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Open Saturday by appointment only


Corporate Tire, LLC.
130 Sunbelt Ct.
Greer, SC.  29650

Phone & Email

Christopher Drewer
phone: 864-655-5082
fax: 864-751-1655

Roosevelt Morris
phone: 864-607-8800

**Note: We only deal TRUCK tires and do not buy or sell passenger tires.