Sell Us Your Used Tires
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Sell us your used tires

What we do?

We have alternative uses for 60% of your scrap tires.  Not all tires can be salvaged, including tires showing rusted or excessive steel, critical bead damage or unrepairable injuries.  However, age of a tire, multiple capped tires and tires with some major injuries can be salvaged and/or purchased by Corporate Tire.  Even if your company is involved with a retread program and they deem your tires as scrap, chances are, Corporate Tire can still use and purchase 60% of those tires. 

Training: We can train your current staff how to spot salvageable tires you can get paid for instead of paying to dispose of.

Why us:

*We are licensed and insured
*We take complete responsibility for the liability of the tires once the leave your facility
*Our service creates a positive impact on your company's bottom line and the environment
*Dealing with refurbished, new retreads and new tires you can be sure we'll customize a program according to your company's needs helping where it's needed most.

We want your used tires! Call us today at (864) 915-9999.

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