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We choose only top of the line used tires with minimal repairs needed. You will never buy a tire with side wall or section repairs. Your safety is our first priority.
We want your used semi truck tires. We will pay you for your tires. We take complete responsibility for the liability of the tires once they leave your facility.
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Buy your refurbished tires from us!
  • Over 30 years of combined experience in  the commercial truck tire business
  • Highly educated and conduct ourselves accordingly
  • Personalized attention to every customers needs whether you have 1 truck or 1000 trucks
  • Internal quality control goaled, not volume goaled
Welcome to Corporate Tire LLC.

Alleviating tire disposal costs:   By utilizing one of our many viable alternative uses resulting in more money towards your bottom line.  Since Corporate Tire buys and sells all over the world that means we can buy a wide range of tire sizes and conditions.  60% of tires deemed as scrap can be used in other parts of the world saving our landfills and your bottom line at the same time

Used Tires: Our tires have been hand selected, NDTII inspected, repaired by certified tires specialist and pressure tested.  When you buy a refurbished tire from Corporate Tire you'll know you're getting the highest quality certified tire possible.
Tire balancing:  With our Hunter Road Force HD Tire Balancer we have the ability to balance tires as small as 13' up to 24' rim sizes.  445/50R22.5 super singles and 425's are welcome.  Balancing your tires insures you get the most miles out of your tires coupled with a smooth ride that can't be beat.  Our balancer also identifies off balanced or bent rims that can cause shaking and premature tire failure.

Road Service: We offer roadside assistance, onsite tire changing as well as offsite tire changing. 

Fleet Maintenance:  We can evaluate your fleet regardless of size to save you thousands.  Since we sell new, used, and new recapped tires we will suggest what your company truly needs to get the most of your current tire inventory.   Unlike other companies who will point you in the direction they need, Corporate Tire will suggest what is truly needed and what's in your company's best interest.

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